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2 PACK Egg Crate Soundproofing Acoustic Foam Tiles Wall Panels 24 X 12 X 2


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  • Color: CHARCOAL; Multiple convoluted egg crate wedge comes in tiles (2 convoluted eggcrate wedges = 1 tile)
  • Size: 2" x 12" x 24" ; Noise Reduction: 80-90%
  • Eliminates Standing Waves And Flutter Echoes ; Reduces Unwanted Reflections; Reduces Unwanted Reflections
  • Good for studios, recording studios, vocal booths, control rooms.
  • Product Care: Occasional Vacuuming of Dust
  • 2" PREMIUM EGGCRATE DESIGN ACOUSTICS is an effective sound deadener for standing waves and flutter echoes, especially when used with ACOUSTIC CORNER BASS TRAPS. It also reduces slap-back and room ring when used in medium-sized areas like isolation booths, recording booths, control rooms, and sound studios.:: With its straight-cut sides, these Pyramid Acoustic Foams can easily be arranged side by side on a flat surface area (walls). ::: FOR DECORATIVE PURPOSES, can also be arranged side-by-side with the 2-inch ACOUSTIC WEDGES AND PYRAMIDS.
Use: Perfect for use on walls, ceilings, doors, windows etc.  
Anywhere to help block sound and prevent echoes inside the room.
Color: Charcoal