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Hearts Fabric Spandex 4 Way Stretch Multi-Color Polyester By The Yard


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The Hearts Design metallic polyester is a gorgeous fabric, as it gives the illusion of a mermaid. The hologram feature on the fabric allows the fabric two portray different colors at different angles.
Uses: Costume, swimwear, decoration, dance wear, crafting, and much more 
Each scale measures approx. 2cm across. The scales fall the width way from selvage to selvage.
 Content :  Spandex lycra
 Width :  58" wide  
 Weight :  1 lbs per yard 
This Hearts Design Fabric feels extremely like the real thing!
The exotic pattern looks like real Fish Scale.
The Scale Spanex is light weight, and has hologram look.
When you move the fabric, or look in different angles, the hologram color changes.